The Late Effects of Polio

The American website Post-Polio Health International has good information on education, research and advocacy for people affected by the late effects of polio.

The US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the Mayo Clinic have good comprehensive summaries of the key information about the late effects of polio.

The American organisation the March of Dimes was originally founded to combat endemic polio in the United States. It continues to be engaged in polio related activities, including preparing public health information on post-polio syndrome.

The Polio Australia site has a most comprehensive description of everything you would want to know about the “Late Effect of Polio – Introduction to Clinical Practice” This is free to download.

Polio Australia has a very extensive range of resources for medical professionals

Yoga for post polio survivors – great guided practice!

Dr. Richard Bruno, PHD Chairman of the International Centre for Polio Education and author of The Polio Paradox Hosts The Harvest Center’s Post-Polio Coffee House.   We share his Tips and Tidbits of PPS information as he shares them online at

Polio immunisation

Details of the World Health Organization effort to rid the world of polio can be found on the website of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. UNICEF also has an impressive website, End of Polio.

The website of the Immunisation Advisory Centre has information about polio immunisation in New Zealand.

Polio Related videos and films

A Paralyzing Fear - The story of Polio in America

The Polio Story - The Vaccine That Changed the World

STONEBIRD Filmproductions   ssRNA  polio virus    The best video explaining the polio virus

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